We all need a little inspiration

This link was originally posted on International Women’s Day and I think it’s worth including in the stream. Whether we like to admit it or not, designers don’t work in a vacuum. At least I find myself in a creative rut when I don’t get out and look around. Keeping in touch with other creative’s work inspires me and the team.

Here’s a brief compilation of the women designers whose work influences me and keeps me excited about design and it’s relevancy to society and business. Not on this particular list, but the designer who inspired me the most as I embarked on my career in Southern California, April Greiman. Hey, it’s International Women’s Day and we rock in a unique way.

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Bringing Out the Goods

As I pulled out some pottery I had in hiding I was reminded that it’s a good thing to put your work out there. You never know who you’ll connect with or influence. I’ve seen new relationships forged, ideas shared, new clients established and old interests renewed by putting yourself out there.

In this day of increased social media participation, a need has been met that allows for people to connect and share more than ever. Sure, the endless input and output can be overwhelming, but when planned and harnessed in the right way, amazing opportunities for learning and growing can be made available.

I’m looking forward to seeing what else can be uncovered.