Fresh Ideas and Talent From Unexpected Places

Getting wrapped up in the day-to-day tasks of managing projects, answering emails, running a business, and producing good work sometimes leaves creatives longing for the good old days when we could just, well, create.

There’s no need to look back these days, as we’re in the midst of a yet-to-be-revealed fine art project that has brought together a wicked team of smart, insightful and talented people and it’s been a great reminder of what can be accomplished through open creative collaboration where everyone feels free to share ideas (the good and the bad), debate concepts and do what it takes to bring to life a particular vision. Not that we don’t collaborate here on a daily basis, but the synergy working with this particular influx of new creatives is revitalizing.

When our client, Samantha Bergman, came to us asking if we’d be willing to bring her artistic vision to life by letting our unbridled creative wheels roll, we immediately started brainstorming. Looking back, our ideas were OK, but they evolved into a much clearer picture when we sat together and collaborated with the client and additional creative team members we hadn’t worked with before. The initial project has evolved from a single fine art photography gig into a long-term project that not only takes us to other parts of the country, but lets us push our skills in website design, marketing, social media and more.

Before signing off, we have to give a shout out to Kyle Juall for his photography assistance and COOCOOU27 for their vast collection of mid-century modern furnishings. When Michael Merisola and Kyle came to our home to pick up a piece of vintage furniture, we had no idea our meeting would reveal unexpected talent.

It’s an exciting journey and we’ll keep the updates rolling.


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Jen Koss and Kim Cox

Just Sit Back and Listen

Not far into the development of iKoss Consulting’s new website design, it became apparent we needed to sit down with the client and listen to their story. Not only the obvious story of the direction and growth of their business, but those little gems of insight that are revealed through casual conversation. And we couldn’t wait to sit down and chat.

iKoss Consulting has been a client of ours since 2002 when we first developed their logo and first website. We’ve kept in touch with Blair and Jen Koss over the years and have always admired their ability to stay focused on a goal and achieve what they set out to accomplish. Plus, they’re intelligent, interesting and a lot of fun to be with.

After an afternoon filled with stories and laughs it became obvious we had to tell their story through their people, with Blair and Jen front and center. The consultants at first were a little hesitant to be subjects of a photo shoot, but after a glass of good Pinot they were fine. As we continued to shoot throughout the day, the group’s camaraderie and love for what they do was reflected in the camera lens.

Since the one requirement in building the site was to do so within the Microsoft 365 environment, which is very restrictive and makes most designers cringe, the images became the driving force of the site and social media channels.

Without taking the time to just sit back and listen to the client, we wouldn’t have learned that iKoss is people – people who work hard as a team to guide their clients through change.

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